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General Assembly DCC 2007 at Aleksandar Palace


opening word Mr. Peter J Bosse President DCC


Short introduction by DCC board member Prof. Sreten Andonov, Ph.D

Financial report presentation by Mr. Ljupco Todorovski Vice president DCC

welcome to new members


Mr. Thom Cluck Netherlands Embassy Skopje


Mr. Ljupco Todorovski DCC with members of the press


Mrs. Natasha Ristevski Madik DCC board

Mr. Mike Brennan received a lifetime award from DCC

During his stay in Macedonia as project officer for MCA-USAID Mr. Mike Brennam did lots of things together in the field of wine and tourism with me, Peter J Bosse president of DCC. Therefore the executive board from DCC decided to grand him a lifetime award and honor membership of DCC. Mr. Brennan long time after he left Macedonia is still in close contact with Macedonia. The following is a reply from him:


First I want to thank the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Peter for thinking about me and honoring me with this award,  I believe that the DCC is a wonderful organization and has done a great deal to connect the people of Macedonia with the people of Holland, and in doing so, enriching the lives of people from both countries.  It is mainly for this reason, but also for my respect and friendship for Peter John Bosse that I am so honored to receive this award.   My only regret is that I am not able to receive it in person.

In my capacity as a tourism advisor at the Macedonia Competitiveness Activity Project, I had the opportunity to work with a team of great people in the tourism industry.    What was striking to me at that time was not the seriousness and commitment of each person in that cluster team, but the desire to test out new ideas and experiment to grow the tourism industry in Macedonia – and for all of Macedonia as well for their own business.   This is a bit of a self-less attitude that is not common – but when it occurs, great things can happen.  This spirit of camaraderie, the warmth of the people and the belief in working with others is something that I remember to this day.  I hope that it will continue into the foreseeable future.

The DCC also sticks out in my mind, not only for the desire to improve the situation in Macedonia, and for its collaborative efforts, but for the fact that it always carried through with its promises.    I specifically think of how the efforts of the MCA were supported by the DCA and vice versa.  We worked together to bring in travel organizations from other countries, we had a successful trade mission to Maastricht in the Netherlands, and we hosted Dutch journalists.   I won’t go into all the details, but there were times when we did just about anything to achieve success – including Peter helping to cook meals for over 100 people during the tourism fam trip – and amazingly the food was still good Ω.  All of these efforts resulted, I believe, resulted in an influx of Dutch tourists into Macedonia in the following years.

I know that the DCC will continue to do great work into the future,  and I also know that there will be another Competitiveness project to help bring people in industries together to help improve their businesses.  I will not be a part of that project, but I hope that it is able to create a little more momentum behind the innovation of the collective Macedonian mind.   I say this because mostly, I believe in the people of Macedonia.  I do miss the warm spirit and never-ending hospitality that I took for granted while I lived in Macedonia – and now it is what I miss the most.   I will always stay in contact with some of the friends I made, and I will always hold Macedonia close to my heart.  I promise to return often for personal visits and to keep my memories alive.

Thank you again for this.  I am truly honored.

Mike Brennan

The A den Doolaard festival & opening DVD is officially released. If you like to receive the DVD please contact our office or mail us [click]

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