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NEW Office address

PO box 744 1001 Skopje
+31 (0)20 2221149
E: office@kvkmk.org
Skype: dcc-office

Skype: dcc-office

DCC phone Netherlands:

020-222 1149

General Assembly DCC February 12, 2008

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DCC Business Club March 11th. Skopje Restaurant Domini


                           First DCC Business Club

From last year  May DCC came with the idea of having a Macedonian Dutch business event under the name of DCC business club. We are very proud to say that we realized the first of these events and that more dates are known. The main goal of this event is to bring our members together and to discuss about our common plans and activities for the future. It is our goal to have these events ones in the month in different parts of Macedonia with different themes highlighted.

Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia made a successful organization of the first DCC Business Club in the Restaurant “Domini” – Youth Hostel on the 11th of March 2008 from 20.30 o’clock.

 The main goal was to promote the Macedonian and Dutch products and companies, as well to introduce the new potential partners, cooperators and members. DCC plan to organize every month a DCC Business Club in other region of the country, in order to promote not only the chamber to the potential partners but to represent and promote members of DCC to  interested firms, institutions and organizations.
The first DCC Business club began with the opening word of the president of DCC, Mr. Peter J. Bosse and the introduction of the business club and event was a task of Mr. Ljupcho Todorovski, the executive manager of DCC.  Mr. Mark Schneider from OLM Brewery made a short introduction about himself, the brewery and OLM beer as well his business plans and future in Macedonia.

from right to left: Mr. and Mrs. Muller, Mark Schneider.

 As told, the first DCC Business club was in a light of a successful presentation of a new member and partner, Mr. Mark Schneider owner and CEO of OLM Brewery from the Netherlands and introducing OLM beer on the Macedonian market. He brought some marketing materials and 2 tags of OLM beer for the presentation of the new Dutch product in Macedonia.
OLM showed great interest to build a brewery on Macedonian soil so OLM can better serve not only Macedonian potential market but also the surrounding five countries.
During his visit from 10-12 March we have visited other breweries as well companies interested to co finance as shareholders the Dutch brewery in Macedonia. OLM beer is also interested to take several Macedonian products such as wine for the Dutch market.

 From the Macedonian side- several companies, members and potential members took a part in the presentation of the Macedonian food and beverages sector with their own products or products from the foreign or domestic companies that they are representing. The products were exposed on the same table for exhibition where the cocktail was, also made from the same.

 DCC is thankful for the help and presentation of the following companies:

Labeko Skopje
Tinex Skopje
Mlekara Stip
Ceko Fam Pehcevo
Pionir Subotica
Vivaks Skopje
Gudalat Skopje
Kitvin Winery Skopje
Vipro Gevgelija
Vitaminka Prilep
Mono trejd export import Skopje
Bonex com Veles
Germina Bitola
Restaurant Domini in the Ferijalen Dom Skopje

 We would like to express the gratitude to our new member, Mr. Risteski Dragan-Pajton for the contribution of his restaurant “Domini” for this first DCC Business Club.
On this event there were more then 80 people present, mostly from the business society of Macedonia, as well from the government institutions and ministries, such as the Ministry for Economy of the Republic of Macedonia and Agency for foreign investments.

 In the special ambient the presentation and the cocktail was arranged and it was decorated with the flags from Holland, Macedonia and DCC, as well with a big orange umbrella from the OLM brewery. Shortly spoken the DCC first business club has been a great success and it has been a great opportunity to see so many positive discussion between members and non members showing interest in The Netherlands. Also present was Mr. Sander Mulller from Muller-visual who also showed great interest for future cooperation with DCC.
A great atmosphere with great live piano performers with great jazz standards and evergreens.

                  Business club DCC


Mr. Ljupcho Todorovski and Mr. Mark Schneider

-----Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia-----

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