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General Assembly DCC February 12, 2008

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Textile Mission 2007

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General Assembly DCC 2008 at Aleksandar Palace

Report from the General Assembly of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia

          On the 12th of February 2008 in the Hotel "Aleksandar Palace" - Skopje an Annual  General Assembly of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia was organized. This year on the General Assembly 178 people were present, among them were DCC members and friends, representatives from the governmental and non-government institutions, organizations and associations, the media etc. Several foreign chambers of commerce and DCC partner:  the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce were also present, as well H.E. The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the state counselor of the Ministry of Economy in Macedonia and the vice- president of the Macedonian Government.

Mr. Zivko Jankulovski, the vice- president of the government of the Republic of Macedonia

All of the guests received the portfolio of DCC with information regarding the Chamber and the Assembly, the Newsletter DCC Courier and representative material.

The Agenda was held as planed:

  • After the opening word, the President of DCC, Mr. Peter J. Bosse welcomed all present with appropriate speech, thanking on the sponsorship of our DCC patron member "Fershped" A.D. Skopje for the conference hall and cocktail.
  • Mr. Ljupcho Todorovski, the executive director of DCC informed the audience about the agenda and the members of the board, unchanged after the Assembly.
  • The presentation of the activities 2007 was held by Mr. Sreten Andonov, the member of the board of DCC. He presented the work of DCC in the past year, making a short comment of several significant projects and events.
  • Reference the presentation regarding the activities of DCC in 2007, Mr. Boris Popovski from Ein-Sof- FashionMK Skopje made an overview of the textile pro-mission made in cooperation and mutual organization with DCC in Holland in 2007. By a video presentation the audience was informed regarding the meetings and the results from this pro-mission. Mr. Popovski was thankful for the cooperation, as well from the success of the textile pro-mission, hoping that in the future they will work again with DCC on long term in the projects from the textile sector.
  • The representative from "Beas-S" from Stip, Mr. Petar Sanev greet the new Dutch Ambassador, the representatives from the government and the guests, with a short presentation of his experience with DCC and its work. He spoke about the experience in the cooperation with DCC and the help of the Chamber with their mach-making partner "Etnics" from Holland. This project was financed by the EVD, the Dutch Agency for development and the financial support was as a part of the Psom project.
  • Mr. Todorovski, the executive director of DCC presented the financial report for 2007, with short overview of the situation with the members and paid membership in the past year. The testimonials were present to the new DCC members on behalf of Mrs. Natasa Madic, a DCC board member. With a short speech, one of the new members, " De Gama" from Skopje greet the audience.
  • Mrs. Sonja Mitrinovska Boeva, the program manager of DCC, presented the activities for 2008. The plans for organizing the DCC business club was presented, as well the organization of the arrival of a Dutch partner in the textile sector and the Dutch expert-presenter for the textile workshop, planed for April this year. The pro-missions were presented, with overview in the sectors and the visits of the specific fairs and companies: In March 2008- sector industry, April 2008- sector Food and beverages, in May is the graphic pro-mission, in June is the Diary pro-mission, September is the transport and logistic, in October is the visit of the fair for water and technology and in November and December the second pro-missions are planed for textile and food and beverages.

DCC plans to organize several projects in the sphere of the health, tourism, culture and education. The chamber plans to organize, as well the workshops with Dutch experts on theme: -International Business, International Banking, Logistics, Textile and European laws and regulations for export-import.

         A special accent was put on the second part of the "A. Den Doolaard" project, presented by Mr. Toic Vladimir, the designer of the monument dedicated to the big Dutch writer who was fascinated from the beauties of Ohrid and Macedonia. The most important issue from his presentation and the video animation was that Ohrid's embankment and the city's promenade will get an amphitheatre from authentic materials in the region, as well the multimedia center dedicated and in the ownership of the city of Ohrid, the Republic and its citizens. The place will be used for organizing events, manifestations, festivals and workshops with educational, cultural and economical character. DCC plans to make a presentation of the second book of Mr. Doolaard translated into Macedonian and the biography of this famous writer published by a Dutch journalist, friend of DCC and Mr. Bosse. The Dutch Chamber of Commerce plans to organize the first Ethnological festival in this amphitheatre, Dutch Cultural days and presentation of Dutch products, as well other cultural, economical and educational events. It was also mentioned that this projects is supported by the Municipality of Ohrid and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Mr. Boris Popovski from FashionMK

Beas-S" from Stip, Mr. Petar Sanev

After the presentation of the DCC, by the agenda of the General Assembly, the distinguish guests from the government and the Embassy address the audience:

         The first guest was the state counselor for Euro Integration and foreign politics from the Ministry of Economy of Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Krum Efremov. He spoke about the economical development and the role of the chamber's work in the investment politics, as well the strong line of the new strategy of the government in the foreign investments in our country. He made an overview of the work of this government, with a point on the new laws and regulations, as well the cooperation between Macedonia and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the biggest donor land.

         As a representative of the government DCC had an honor to welcome Mr. Zivko Jankulovski, the vice- president of the government of the Republic of Macedonia for a nod speech for the guests of the Annual General Assembly. He spoke with such an enthusiasm for the role and the place of one of the greatest Macedonian friends -The kingdom of the Netherlands, thanking the new Ambassador for the vouch of her government. He presented the programs and plans of the Macedonian government and he gave the Dutch Chamber of Commerce the fully support for being the bridge between the both countries, as well for being the chain in the economy and the development of the companies through the projects, grants and mach-making partnerships. Mr. Jankulovski has promised to help DCC in the future realization of the projects, programs and activities.

         H. E. The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mrs. Simone Filippini greets the guests in the name of the Embassy. She was thankful for the words of the vice- president of the Government, Mr. Jankulovski, with a positive confirmations from a Dutch companies cooperating with Macedonian firms, that they found a reliable friends, not only a business partner in our country. She spoke about the psom, pum, pesp, evd etc, all of this in realization through the Embassy and in cooperation with DCC. She introduces our chamber as an engine for huge number of projects realized between the both countries, as well for the several mach-making and presentations of the companies on the markets of the both countries. With open arms the Embassy will join or support every good project and idea. She mentioned that this period is the most important for our country, especially with EU and NATO member applications in our near future. H.E. the Ambassador is with opinion that she, along with the Embassy and the Kingdom of the Netherlands can be a great support and help to our country on the road of the secure business clime and the stable economic development. With this help, by her opinion, we can make the negotiations easier and faster in order to join the union.

178 members and guest present at the General Assembly 2008

         The General Assembly was closed by the President of the Board, Mr. peter J. Bosse and all guests were welcomed on the cocktail in the foyer of the hotel.

         Our patron member Gudalat from Gostivar presented the products of the food and beverages sector, represented on the Dutch market.
The General Assembly of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce was successfully organized and realized, with amazing number of members, friends, guests of DCC, as well the representatives from all domestic and foreign chambers. It was pleasure and pride to have distinguished guests such as H.E. the Ambassador Mrs. Simone Filippini, the vice president of the government Mr. Zivko Jankulovski and the state counselor of the Ministry of Economy, Mr. Krum Efremov.

H.E. Mrs. Simone Filippini (Netherlands Embassy Skopje)

Team DCC 2008
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