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PO box 744 1001 Skopje
+31 (0)20 2221149
E: office@kvkmk.org
Skype: dcc-office

Skype: dcc-office
DCC phone Netherlands:
020-222 1149

NEWS updatet September 3 2009

new PSI date February24 2010

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  Textile Mission 2007

 Pro Missions to Holland  ●  Pro Missions to Macedonia

 Technoma   Introduction   PSOM Presentation one   

   PSOM Presentation two    A den Doolaard project  

July 2011 DCC will be open during summer resses by email only, contact add kvkmk.org for urgent matters you can use our VOIP incall +31 (0)20 2221149

The sixth General Assembly of DCC in Macedonia
was held on 19
th of February 2009 in the
Hotel “Aleksandar Palace”

1. Opening of the General Assembly by Mr. Peter J. Bosse, a President of the Board of DCC who gave a welcome word to all attended presents.

 2.  Settlement of the Agenda.  Mr. Ljupcho Todorovski, vice executive manager has introduced the audience with the daily agenda which was accepted by all.

 3.  Announcements of the board; discharge and election of members of the board.

After the resignation the old executive board of DCC, Mr. Todorovski has proposed two new members to be elected for the new board of DCC in 2009 - Mrs. Cveta Badzakova and Mr. Nenad Petrovski. On the elections over than 55% of the presents were voting for the new proposed DCC executive board. The board was announced with 6 members: Mr. Peter John Bosse , Mr. Ljupco Todorovski, Mr. Sreten Andonov, Mrs. Natasa R. Madic, Mrs. Cveta Badzakova and Mr. Nenad Petrovski. Mr. Peter John Bosse was reelected on position President of the board. Mr. Ljupco Todorovski was reelected on position executive manager. Right after the constitution of the new Board, Mr. Bosse made statement explaining that due to his activities in Kosovo, and further more expecting even more activities there during 2009, all obligations, responsibilities and duties for DCC Macedonia would be transferred to Mr. Ljupco Todorovski. After successful reelection the agenda was followed with the speech of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

 4. Speech by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Macedonia H.E. Mrs. Simone Filippini. 

In her rich and friendly appeal to the audience especially to the members of DCC and to all which are interested in cooperation with the Netherlands, she pointed the importance of development of the small and medium companies which are the strategic base in every national economy. She welcomes all interested to visit the web site of the Netherland Embassy where is the information above Dutch economical structure helps the countries including Macedonia. She mentions the PSI programme as one of the possibilities in cooperation between Dutch/Macedonian companies and organizations like DCC, PUM and CBI. (More about the speech in the completed report of GA 2009)

 5. Speech by the Deputy Minister in the Ministry for Economy of Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Metodij Hadzi Vaskov.

Mr. Hadzi Vaskov has pointed the positive cooperation with DCC on international level, which marks better results, from year to year. He reminded that the Dutch government is one of the biggest donors and friend to Macedonia and give the strategic priority in the fields that are part of the multi bilateral strategic plan between Holland and Macedonia: Contribution to the Euro-Atlantic integration; Contribution to the improvement of the political and economic governance and contribution for greater economic and human development…( you can read the full speech in the completed report from the 2009).

6.  Presentation of the activity report 2008

Mr. Sreten Andonov, a board member of DCC has gaudiness the presents through monthly activities of the work of DCC.

 7. Presentation of the financial report 2008,  Mr. Ljupcho Todorovski, a vice-executive manager has explained the real situation with DCC list of membership and the problems comes from unpaid membership for last year, as well as the announcing the new approach of cooperation with active members .

 8. Introducing the new DCC members by Mrs. Natasa Madic, a board member who also invite the members to accept the Certificates that DCC has prepared for this occasion.

a)  Short introduction of new DCC member “Kadino IG”- Skopje by Mr.Gjorgievski, who explained   how Kadino I.G becomes the real Macedonian brand. 

b). Short introduction of new DCC member “TNT express”-Skopje

 9. Presentation of the Activities Agenda for 2009, As the president of DCC give compliments for the work and effort of Mrs. Sonja Mitrinovska Boeva who is leaving the office because of her pregnancy and announced her replacement with the new office manager Miss. Cvetanka Hristovska, she presented the plan that DCC will try to cover and realize in 2009.

 10. Questions and discussion

In this section we had a pleasure that H.E. Mrs. Simone Filippini was having questions according possible ideas and questions that DCC members are having as a problem or suggestion. But seems all of them were more comfortable to join her with questions during the cocktail after the closing the working part of the assembly.

 11. Speech by the Dutch writer, businessmen, university professor and enology expert, Mr. Paul Balke

As a final speech after the working part of the agenda Mr. Bosse has introduce the presents with DCC special guest Mr. Paul Balke,  who has published the winery book for the different wines from several countries and he is willing to make his own expertise for Macedonian wine. We hope that DCC will help him in this direction as one of the project plans we have in this sector organic food and wines.

 12. Closing of the General Assembly by the President of the Board and invitation for the cocktail for all presents, supported by our patron member “Fersped”.  We can be proud and honored by presence of all DCC members and parties that attend of this event and thankful for the friendly atmosphere afterwards.  With the number (84) of DCC members, guests and representatives from the institutions and organizations cooperators of DCC, that attend this event we can confirm our satisfaction that DCC General Assembly for 2009 was successful.

The full board DCC Macedonia and Kosovo

DCC Business Club III Stip 21 October 2008 with a textile workshop held by MODINT Netherlands
Date: 21.10 2008
Place: Hotel “Oaza” Stip
Lecturer: Mr. Matthijs Criettee director of Modint BV from Zeist, Holland.
DCC OFFICE: Peter J Bosse, president of the board, Sonja Mitrinovska Boeva, head of the office, Nada Ilievska Gruevska, office assistant;
Organizations and institutions attending the event with welcoming word or presence:
Ministry for Economical affairs of Republic of Macedonia- Mrs. Nikolina Trajanoska
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Macedonia – Mrs. Soffi Mufoshovski
Municipality of Stip - the mayor Mr. Pande Sarev and Chief of Cabinet Mrs. Gjufteska
Macedonian Textile Association TTA- Mrs. Natasa Sivevska
Fashion MK / Cyber Link Mrs. Marina Sharovska
Faculty of technology and Metallurgy dept. Textile Engineering, PhD. Goran
Excusive Board from DCC in Kosovo
The event started with the opening word by the president of DCC, Mr. Peter J Bosse who introduce the audience with the chamber and explain the idea of DCC for organizing the textile workshop with special lecturing in Stip. He present the Modint and the Dutch expert Mr. Matthijs Crietee as a guest-  lecturer , as well all the parties included in the organizing and providing this event.
After his expose he pass the microphone to Mrs. Sonja Mitrinovska Boeva , as a coordinator of the project, the moderator of the event and head of DCC office. She introduces the audience with the daily agenda and the role, tasks and goals of DCC in the past 6 years.

Welcoming word was made by the mayor of Stip, Mr.Sarev who explained the textile situation in the region through statistics and facts, as well the importance of the textile in the region due the fact that most of the population is economically living and existing from this product.

The workshop was opened with a short speech of Mr. Crietee, who he had introduced himself as expert and lecturer, as well the “MODINT BV” from Zeist as the biggest textile association in Holland and Europe.

He explained the positive aspects and future of the Macedonian textile companies as a competitive companies because Macedonia has no bad image according manufacturing and exploitation of children work and other not acceptable priorities that the countries from EU usually are taking in advance when they are willing to cooperate. Important on this lecturing was the advice of Mr. Crietee that Macedonia must have their own Macedonian brand and that the Macedonian textile companies must incorporate in a unique organization, with own representative in Europe.

He pointed the new perspectives in the field of legislative in Macedonian export – import which is going to be implemented.  Also statistics from the experience and knowledge of Modint and their own members were presented with guidance in the sectors in the textile and advice in how this can be also possible in the Macedonian textile production and industry. Contacts between the manufacturers and the big Dutch fashion brands were explained in the lecture, so our companies could learn the way of communication and business in this field. Also the global sourcing trends were highly professional explained and lectured, with special strategy plan made for the Macedonian and Balkan region and market.

After the seminar, each company had a chance to talk on short B2B meetings with Mr. Crietee, requesting contacts from Modint in mach-making with the Dutch companies and partners or asking for ideas in educating of the personnel within the companies, as well asking for advice or suggestions in other fields of interest.

The event was a great success of DCC and other cooperators on this workshop and lecturing. The success was measured by the opinion of our superiors and the Dutch expert, as well from the reactions and interest of the companies present on this event.  They were happy to learn so much from the chosen themes, to get advice or expertise from the lecturer and to make contacts with the Dutch textile association, along with the possible partners or investors from Holland. 

On the end of the seminar we organized also presentations with themes needed for the textile sector and industry, in different braches. Companies in the Bank sector, such as presentations from Pro Credit ban, Stater Bank and IK Bank, company from insurance sector – Vardar ad Osiguruvanje and the transport company TNT Express. They all made a presentation of their programs, offers and possibilities in their branches specially made for the needs of the textile sector.

The third DCC business club was attended from several companies, mostly from the textile sector. We also contacted the representatives from the Faculty of tourism from Stip, the director Mr. Miho Sterjov who came on the event and was interested in further cooperation with DCC. We have to mention that his was our first DCC Business Club in other parts in the region of our country, as till now we were organizing events only in Skopje.

Watch video



Agrofood Skopje Fair 2008





Opening DCC Kosovo June 2008
Soon to be opened a new branch office in Pristine, Kosovo.
We are as working to open DCC in Albania as well. We do believe that the economic future between the Netherlands will set to work from all this 3 bordering and friendly countries.
Also a better service can be offered to all our members as they can use our services for all these 3 countries as well.
For trade mission the opportunities will be far-out greater as DCC is covering 3 countries.
DCC Business Club video online
March 11 the DCC Business Club took place in Skopje at Restaurant Domini.
The theme has been food and beverages. A special promotion has been made as a introduction of OLM Beer. Present was also the founder and owner of OLM Beer Mr. Mark Schneider.
read more 
General Assembly DCC 2008 at Aleksandar Palace video

Report from the General Assembly of the Dutch Chamber of      Commerce in Macedonia

On the 12th of February 2008 in the Hotel "Aleksandar Palace" - Skopje an Annual  General Assembly of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia was organized. This year on the General Assembly around 130 people were present, among them were DCC members and friends, representatives from the governmental and non-government institutions, organizations and associations, the media etc. Several foreign chambers of commerce and the Macedonian Chambers of  Commerce were also present, as well H.E. The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the state counselor of the Ministry of Economy in Macedonia and the vice- president of the Macedonian Government.  read more


H.E. Mrs. Simone Filippini (Embassy Skopje)

Team DCC 2008

Official agreement between DCC and The Macedonian Chambers of commerce February 8th. 2008

Both presidents signing a new cooperation agreement.

Both chambers made an agreement to work on the field of development and promotion of Macedonian-Dutch business structure, with mutual participation in economical pro-missions and business events. That will result with big benefit for the members of the both Chambers and for the Macedonian and Dutch business society

Meeting with Netherlands embassy at the DCC office
After our last meeting with Mr. Govert W. Visser, Counselor, Deputy Head of Mission, we had a meeting in DCC office at February 4, with the Dutch Ambassador, H. E. Mrs. Simone Filippini, Mr. Govert W. Visser and Mr. Pance Kralev, the economy deputy into the Embassy regarding the future cooperation of DCC and the Embassy on all fields.

This has been the first official meeting with the new Dutch ambassador H.E. Mrs. Simone Filippini.
We had a open talk about DCC their activities and possible future cooperation between the embassy and DCC.
Also we updated each other about our activities and future plans.

Inside talk with Honor member Jerry Chundro

Peter Bosse & Jerry Chundro

Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Jerry Chundro. I was born in 1963 on the caribbean island of Curaçao, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Since 1991 I work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague, Netherlands. As of October 2004 I am working at the Audit Department in The Hague. I have a financial background. After buying an apartment in the Hague and refurbishing it for 9 months, I decided to use my remaining free time during this posting in the Netherlands to do something useful, so I started studying again. This summer I will finish my post masters studies as a Chartered Controller/Exec. Master of Finance and Control at the TIASNimbas Business School of the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands. After this summer I will be positioned at another embassy somewhere; at the moment it is not known yet where that will be.

What is or was your connection with Macedonia?
Before my current job, I was working at the Holandska Ambasada in Makedonia from 2001-2004. Some of you may know me as the Head of Operations and Consular Affiars during that time.

What is your opinion about Macedonia as a country and the people?
My wife and I really love Makedonija. We where overwhelmed by the kindness and hospitality of everyone. Before we arrived in Skopje in 2001 we where warned by some people not to go as there was an ethnic conflict and people might react strange to us. Well, I am very glad we still went to Makedonija. We had a very good time. Yes, people in general where very curious who we where (I know I look a bit strange for a Dutchman), but they where also easy so get in touch with and have conversations. Although we have not been back since 2004, we still have a lot of friends in Skopje. Makedonija is not big and it is landlocked, but that did not hold us back to discover its beauty. There are a lot of possibilities to spend one's time in a nice way. Archaeological sites, eco-tourism, Lake Ohrid and Prespa, Mavrovo, nice Monasteries and Mosques on top of the hills, the list goes on..... In the hey are poor, but live in balance with nature and their surroundings. I respect that.
Because of all the different ethnic groups there is a rich cultural diversity. As a musician for example I enjoyed the collaboration between ethic- Albanian, Roma and ethnic-Macedonian musicians. The result is a genuine and truly unique type of music, which proves that by working together great things can happen!

You saw the work of DCC and their matchmaking missions to the Netherlands,
how important is this according you?

In a free market economy it is always a good thing if traders and businessmen organize themselves. It is up to governments to create an enabling environment, good macro-economic conditions such as an acceptable inflation rate and positive GDP growth, attractive tax-regimes, implement International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), etc, etc. But the real deals have to be closed business-to-business, taking into acccount the local environment, opportunities and threats and the strenght and weaknesses of their own companies and products. DCC can help to bring the Macedonian businessmen in direct contact with interesting parties in the Benelux or elsewhere and to explore the opportunities and possibilities for investing in Macedonia.

If you had a choice for business would you consider Macedonia as a good
choice? And if yes why?

Of course! There are sufficient reasons for investors. To name only a few:
Location, Location, Location! In the middle of the Balkan with close proximity to the EU-states and markets. Acceptable labour prices and availability of a fairly skilled labour force. Good climate, well suitable for agro-business. Plenty of space, e.g. between the airport and the city for industrial zones. In the near future Macedonia is moving towards NATO and EU-membership. Compared to a few years ago there is an increased focus on trade and investments between Macedonia and other EU-countries and the business climate has improved. The government is pro business and economic growth orientated, has implemented structural economic reforms and is expected to further continue to do so and stimulates foreign direct investments in Macedonia.

Second phase of the A Den Doolaard project:
Mr. Vladimir Toic

Hans Olink, writer journalist, visited us twice in September and we agreed that his book about the writer A Den Doolaard will be first time presented in front of the statue in Ohrid. We also agreed to work together on some cultural activities.

DCC opened a monument for Dutch famous writer in Ohrid. This was in May 2006, now DCC is planning phase two of the following:
Construction of the Amphitheatre part around the monument for multifunctional purposes. Radio1 audio (Dutch)

From last year 2007 DCC appointed a new Dutch country manager Mrs. Irene Talsma:
Irene Talsma
Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I live in Holland. I work for a Dutch private bank, as an account manager. All our products are custom made for our clients. This makes it an interesting, demanding and dynamic place to work. When I’m off work I like to train my horse, spend time with friends and do some work for DCC.
A part of my ancestors are Macedonian, so that’s why I feel connected to Macedonia. The last two years I spend quite some time in Macedonia and the more I’m there, the more I like it. It’s a lovely country with lovely people. I feel lucky that by working for DCC I can participate in Macedonian life a bit

What kind of a impression did you get while you were here in our office during the month of September?
I had a very good time working with the people of DCC in Macedonian. Everybody made me feel welcome and helped me to do my job as good as possible. Professional people who have a lot of good ideas, so many ideas that it feels like there is not enough time to realize them all. I met hard working people who really make an effort to do their work in a professional way with high quality standards

How do you see DCC function in the coming years?
In the big picture it seems to me that DCC can play a part in letting Macedonia enter the EU. By creating chances to develop business between Macedonia and Holland the economy will grow. Macedonian companies have the chance to meet Dutch companies and get familiar with their way of working. If Macedonia has solid business relationships with a country that is an EU member I think that can help to meet the requirements that are given to become a EU member.
On a smaller scale I think it’s great that DCC is helping Macedonian companies to expand their horizon and do business with counter parties that they might not have found by their self. And off course the other way around, it’s excellent that Dutch companies get more aware of the possibilities that lie in Macedonia. It might not be the first place for them to look for a partner, but it sure can be the best place!

During 2007 DCC signed a contract for technical cooperation with Cyberlink. This Macedonian company owns WEB portal (www.fashionmk.com) that provides information's for textile industry.

Textile 2008
General Assembly DCC 2007 at Aleksandar Palace
January 31, 2007 all members came together at the Dutch Chamber of commerce general assembly to be informed about new activities and all the projects and news since the last assembly  read more
Dear Members

Opportunities - but be prepared.
For entrepreneurs in your sector, the European Union is potentially one of the most profitable markets in the world. But despite all the buzz about the 'global village' and the breakdown of barriers, exporting to the EU is still difficult and complex, resulting in many exporters missing prime opportunities.
Good opportunities do exist. Imports into the EU have shown major growth in recent years. Due to rising production costs EU companies are forced to purchase products outside of Europe. The question is; how to turn opportunities into profitable business?
A new export development programme
To help entrepreneurs in the sector Personal Protective Equipment improve their competitive position, the CBI has developed a new tailor-made export development programme.
The basic approach is to break down most barriers in exporting to the EU. Like all our export development programmes, this programme offers broad support, from identifying market opportunities and competitors' prices to meeting international quality standards and finding EU buyers.
Who can apply?
The programme is open to all manufacturers in your country eager to sell on the EU market or to improve their export position.
Your role as a business support organisation
As business support organisation you will have a clear perspective on potential candidates for our new export development programme. Candidates are to be found in the textile, leather and plastic industries. The entrepreneurs, the sector and your organisation will certainly benefit from bringing our programme to the attention of all national stakeholders. For organisations that become actively involved in the programme, the CBI may offer training, promotion and assistance in setting up a sector plan.
More information
More detailed information on our programme, including application forms and a product group list, can be found on our website, www.cbi.eu/ppe.
If you would appreciate further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
The pre-selection of participants has started.
Applications should be in our possession ultimately on May first 2007.

Yours sincerely DCC

Please contact our office for more information about CBI

  Newsletter DCCourier

   [PDF/EN]   DCCourier October 2005 (English)
   [PDF/MK]   DCCourier October 2005 (Macedonian)
   [PDF/EN]   Interview with Peter Bosse (English)


  General Assembly DCC January 31 2007 Aleksandar Palace 12:00 h.

  Exhibitions in the Netherlands (fair) click here


About Macedonian Chambers of Commerce Macedonia's Leading Business Network Founded in 2004, Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) is independent, nonpolitical and nonprofit organization and it serves as an umbrella organization of the five constitution chambers of commerce: Industry Chamber, Trade Chamber, Services Chamber, Agro-business Chamber and ITC Chamber. Our mission is constantly increasing the competitiveness of member companies, improving Macedonia’s business environment and expanding sales of our products in the global market.

Recently, Macedonian Chambers of Commerce and Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia have established institutional linkage that would be the base for exchange of knowledge and experience. The Chambers are going to further develop and intensify mutual economic relations and exchange information about commerce, industry and economy in general.  All activities that would be undertaken in the frame of this cooperation are going to generate benefits for the members of both Chambers. We are proud to work together in development of a stable investment climate and play a key role in the attraction of foreign investors.   


   Tehnoma   Video report on participation in the fair Tehnoma and the first joined cooperation between the Dutch Embassy and DCC


   Introduction   Introduction by Peter Bosse at the establishment of DCC

PSOM report on Monday July 3, 2006 at Aleksandar Palace Skopje in cooperation with the Dutch EVD Also here we made a presentation on September 29, 2006 at Kavardarci

For more details please click here

Skopje 26th. April 2006 presentation video Mikrosam promotion at MBC:

For production of parts for Wind Energy turbines. Lack of complete autoimmunization of major process for production of towers and rotor blades for wind turbines, motivated us to focus our efforts in defining technologies that will enable production of mentioned parts for wind energy turbines. 

see the video

opening a statue for famous Dutch writer A den Doolaard May 29th. 2006

for more news go to the message board of DCC (in Dutch)


Interview A den Doolaard with Peter J Bosse for Dutch radio 2001                (7 minutes 7 Mb.)

  interview Radio (VPRO) De Avonden in Dutch.

A den Doolaard event and report

newsletter A den Doolaard project

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