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Mission Tourism

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Tourism in Macedonia has a very big potential for the positive influence on Macedonian trade balance.

Even when Macedonia separated from Yugoslavia in 1992 with no gun fired the tourism dropped down from far over 100,000 Dutch visitors years to nearly zero! Its our believe that when international tourist again will visit Macedonia also international investors will come. Macedonia has no financial means to world wide advertise on international media. In prime time on Dutch television one second of air time will cost 4000 euro per second! DCC has succeeded to have free advertised television and radio air time of over 2 hours in the past two years! Far over 20 prime positive main cover stories where published by main Dutch news papers and magazines!

Bad news about the war in surrounding countries and lots of “No Fly” zones made the airfare too expensive for those who knew that the war was as far away from Macedonia as Amsterdam – Copenhagen! DCC president and journalist Peter J Bosse made beginning a tactical plan for which he received an award from Head of USAID MCA Mrs. S. Hagen for his efforts in bringing the international tourist back to Macedonia. Peter Bosse took a key role in the MCA USAID tourist cluster and took also a key role in the organization and handling of the first international tour operators visit to Macedonia

We succeeded to do the following:

A Tourism pro mission and direct talks with Dutch Tour operators in 2003. Place date September 2003 Maastricht chamber of commerce. In cooperation with MCA.

Tourist fair Utrecht Holland in January 2003, 2004 & 2005

We where present on the official Macedonian stand and cooperated with the Macedonian ministry of economics, sector tourism.

Presentation Macedonia to Dutch biggest Dutch newspaper (daily 1,3 million copies soled) Telegraaf. Journalist Bert Huisjes toured around with Peter J Bosse from Mavrovo, Ohrid to Bitola. Result has been a full colored front page article with the opening text: “Macedonia the hidden pearl” To sleep like Alexander the Great! The article has been published in 2005 on the same date of the first presentation movie Oliver Stone about Alexander the Great to the Dutch cinema’s around. Booking by GoGo – Sunweb – Macedontours (a Dutch PSOM grant from the EVD) went up by over 50%!

May 29, 2006 a monument for Dutch writer A den Doolaard has been created in Ohrid the town and the founder of the Cyrillic and early Christianity, and the book so known in Holland by this writer. Two books were written entirely about Macedonia by him: Orient Express and the Marriage of the seven gypsies. For more information please follow the following link.

For the year 2007 DCC has planned more events to promote Macedonia on the Dutch and Belgium market for an update please contact our office or mail us.

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-----Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia-----

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