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Mission Macedonian Wines

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In cooperation with Municipality Kavadarci, The Dutch Chamber of Commerce is organizing a Macedonian wine presentation in the Netherlands.

The main effort will be a selection of some of the 70 wine importers, restaurant managers and chains of Dutch Hotels for the best as possible promotion.

We will present also a detailed Dutch wine marketing study with detailed information about the consumption of wine on the Dutch market. Also a average wine whole sale price policy will be presented to the Macedonian wine producers.

Suggestions about labelling, colour and taste will also be presented to the same producers to help them to focus more on a 5% growing Dutch wine consumption market.

We are thinking in cooperation to main Dutch business and Horeca organisation to hold this event on a exclusive place and also to hold at the same time a introduction to Macedonian cheese and natural dishes.

For those interested, date, please contact our office or mail us here

Extra information (footnote)

Macedonian wine producers did many effort to open doors on the Dutch market. This with no great success. The reason DCC is going to try this again is that we believe we can bring the right partners together special because we did a many years study research about the Dutch market. We do believe that with the right targeting and necessary documents we can move faster trough possible barriers.

Macedonia will  soon be an official EU member and with this also import duties will soon drop to a minimum that will give Macedonia a better change competing with other wine producing  countries. Macedonia has very old wine cultures that date back more than 1000 years. Excellent climate for growing the best grapes and can gain official documents about organic means of producing wine.


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