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Report and conclusion A den Doolaard Monument

Ohrid Macedonia May 29th. 2006
Monument A den Doolaard Ohrid

  June 2006


The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (DCC) in Macedonia after two years of planning, intensive preparations and contacts with eminent journalist names as well as representatives from tourism and tour operators, made an assessment of the existing and future potentials for development of tourism in Ohrid and reestablishing of the cultural bridge between Holland and Macedonia.
Further, DCC with the approval of the Municipality of Ohrid has successfully ended the project “Opening of the monument of A. den Doolaard”, as the first and unique cultural event of this kind for Holland.

  opening event

May 29th. 2006 8PM by Peter J Bosse President DCC

Bearing in mind DCC fulfilled successfully the almost a decade old idea to create a positive provocation to the potential Dutch investors in Macedonia, as well as Macedonia to get a higher ranking to international level.
DCC knows that Macedonia doesn’t have enough budgets for an advertisement, such as 4000 € per second on the Dutch national television or other high rates on the cover page on the big magazine or radio… That’s what is behind our “positive provocation”.
Worldwide experiences showed us that where the tourists comes – also soon comes and investors. It is quite clear that the friendly unofficial recommendation has much more influence than paid advertisement.
With this we make an export from Dutch culture in Macedonia. Also with this there is more stable condition within both countries.

  press conference at Hotel Inex Gorica Ohrid Macedonia


For successful realization of this project besides DCC, as a core of the activities, it was crucial meaning the free help by institutions, companies as well as individuals which helped as partners in the realization of the project “Opening of the statue of A. den Doolaard”.
Those partners are: 3B Production, Ambassador Hotel, Artists of Macedonia, HOTAM, Inex Gorica Hotel, Lebed Hotel, MCA/USAID, Mermeren Kombinat Prilep, Mikrosam, Millennium Hotel,     Mr. Bratislav Zdravskovski, Mr. Vladimir Tojic, Mr. Vinko `Miskovski, Municipality of Ohrid, Skopska Pivara, Superior, The Embassy of Holland, Travel Club – travel agency, Unilever and Vis Poj – travel agency, Tetragon Skopje, Malev-Amsterdam, Macedon Tours

  Mr. Govert Visser Netherlands Embassy Skopje

Realization of the agenda

Because of the complexity of the budget, the technical specifications, as well as the manufacturing of the monument, there are further information in the section of the financial narrative report .
After many months of contacts in Macedonia and Holland as well as with representatives from the local authorities, it was decided the opening of the monument will be on 29th of May 2006, because it is the date of the opening the season and when first tourists from Holland are coming to Ohrid. According to this date it was made a three-day agenda in order to fulfill optimally the schedule of the guests.
On Sunday (28.06.2006) - after the arrival of the journalist and tour operators (10 persons) on the airport, transportation was organized to Ohrid with minibus with a lunch on mountain peak Straza. After arrival in Ohrid we visited the monument which was in the final stage of built.
During the afternoon landed also the plane from Amsterdam which brought the first guests from Holland along with the family members of Mr. Doolaard (11 members) and they also came directly to the place where is the monument.

Mrs. Suzi Hagen USAID/MCA  

After we supervised the final details we went to the hotel and we had a joint dinner. During the dinner also came the members (2) of A. den Doolaard foundation (www.adendoolaard.nl) from the Netherlands
On Monday (29.06.2006) – after the breakfast in the hotel it was organized a see sight tour in the old part of Ohrid on the locations described in the books of A. den Doolaard. After that there was organized a lunch in the town.
The afternoon was reserved for a press conference whereas was present journalists from Macedonia and Holland as well as the members from den Doolaard’s family. (Spoelstra)
In the same time the stage was lifted and the necessary light and sound check was performed. On the moment of sunset the show of the opening began.
The opening word came form Mr. Peter John Bosse (President of DCC), Mr. Govert Visser (Dutch Embassy), Susan Hagen (MCA/USAID) and Mr. Ljupcho Todorovski (Vice Executive manager of DCC).
After that the music part of the show began with, Folk dance group Inex-Gorica, Blagoja Grujovski, Stefche Stojanovski, Trajce Manev, Miki Jovanovski Djafer… And as a surprise, the music was briefly interrupted with original spot and
music as a background of the “coming of A. den Doolaard” – a lake boat which was carrying the profile of A. den Doolaard engraved in the marble as final missing part in the monument. After mounting in monument his daughters Spoelstra had a speech and later with following speech of the Mayor of the Municipality of Ohrid Mr. Aleksandar Petreski.
The next part included the music by Jasmina Mukaetova, Filip, Petar Rendzov and Gjoko Miskovski. It worth to mention that the all show had multimedia feature because it was allied with two video beams with presentations and video spots made specially for this occasion by 3B Production.
After the show there was organized a cocktail in the hotel Millennium and with that the agenda ended for this day.
Tuesday (30.05.2006) – After the breakfast, it was organized a tour on the lake with boat with destination on the gorgeous St. Naum. Here we organized a walk through the park and seeing of the springs. The lunch was served in the National restaurant. During the lunch there was a positive discussion about economic collaboration between the main donor of the Macedonia which is a.k.a. Holland and with this was established an ideas for bigger affirmation of Macedonia in EU.
After return in the hotel the guest began to pack and log out from the hotel. The DCC team remained till the end in order to farewell the satisfied guests and to finalize the successful project.

more on this www.adendoolaard.nl

  Mr. Ljupco Todorovski deputy head of DCC


  Results media on A den Doolaard monument

Here as follows the media results of the Ohrid May 29th. Project A den Doolaard

Macedonian media:
All main newspapers
Magazines: Fokus
Various to Macedonian radio to kanal 77
Repports several on MKRTV with interview and 3 special programs around A den Doolaard
A1 repport and on June 28th. In the morning show a live program about A den Doolaard and Dutch government support and PSOM
Mreze Plus
RTV Kiss Tetovo Gostivar
TV Iris Bitola
Kanal 5

Dutch media:

Before the opening at May 29th.
VPRO: “De avonden” 30 minutes live interview Hilversum – Skopje with Peter J Bosse
Radio 1 “Met het oog op morgen” a half hour with two dochters of A den Doolaard (Spoelstra) and Peter J Bosse direct from Skopje
TV Teletext about the opening

Media after the opening
TV News 22:00 NOS and Teletext on May 30th. Page 101
Telegraaf Saturday edition whole page
May 30th. Volkskrant cover page about the first Dutch writer ever got a monument outside the Netherlands
AD covering story
Parool covering story
Trouw covering story
NRC Complete covering story

RNW couple of times covering story in Dutch Spanish and English international program also the Dutch has been used for Radio 1 journaal
NPS/Human. “Het Atelier” Sunday evening 1 hour program by Jeroen Willaerd about the opening and A den Doolaard in Macedonia

For more media results:



DVD: (c)2006-2007 by DCC available for €25 ex postal email-order

  Both daughters of A den Doolaard (Spoelstra) at the monument with the Mayor of Ohrid

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